Creative Ways to Decorate Your Apartment With Houseplants

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Apartment With Houseplants

Do you want to add a touch of greenery to your apartment, but don't have the time or space for large plants? Houseplants are an easy way to bring life and color into any living space. 

With a little creativity, you can find unique ways to decorate your home with houseplants that won’t take up too much room. 

From terrariums to macrame hangers, there are plenty of creative ideas for how to display houseplants in your apartment. 

Choose The Right Plants For Your Space

Not all houseplants are the same, so it's important to choose plants that will thrive in whatever type of light you have available. 

If your apartment gets a lot of direct sunlight, opt for heat-tolerant species like cacti or succulents. If you don't get much natural light, go with plants that prefer shade, such as ferns or pothos.

Creative Decorations For Your Houseplant Placement

Interesting decorations create an inviting atmosphere, and houseplants can be a great addition to your apartment. Not only do they look attractive, but they’re also beneficial to your health!

Hang Terrariums From The Ceiling Or Wall

Terrariums are a fun and creative way to decorate with houseplants in your apartment. 

You can easily create one yourself, buy wall-mounted terrariums that hang off the ceiling, or use hanging planters that come with their own built-in hangers. 

These containers are perfect for succulents, cacti, and other low-maintenance plants.

Make A Living Wall

If you have the space, creating a living wall is an attractive way to bring some greenery into your home without taking up too much floor space. 

You can find kits online that include everything you need to build your own vertical garden and get creative with how you want it to look.

Put Your Plants On Shelves

Shelves are an ideal way to show off your houseplants without taking up too much room. You can also get creative with how you arrange the plants on the shelf and group them into collections for a unique look. 

This is also a great way to display trailing plants like pothos or ivy.

Hang String Lights With Plants

String lights are a great way to add some sparkle and light to your living space while also showing off your favorite houseplants. 

You can hang the lights on their own, or put small pots of succulents at regular intervals along the string for a unique look.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have an old dresser, chest of drawers, or nightstand that is built like a box with four sides and a top, you can make it into an amazing planter

Simply line the inside of the furniture with plastic sheeting to prevent water leakage and fill with soil. Plant your desired plants inside and enjoy!

Put Potted Plants In Unexpected Places

Instead of putting your plants in predictable places like a window sill, try placing them on shelves, near the ceiling, or even tucked away in a corner. 

It’s a great way to add interest and unexpected beauty to your space.

Use Baskets Or Trays

If you have a few small plants, try using baskets or trays as unique containers. You can hang them from the ceiling above your kitchen table for an eye-catching display or line them up on the windowsill for a lush look.

Paint Terracotta Pots Or Create Plant-Inspired Artwork

With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can transform simple terracotta pots into unique works of art. Use paints and stencils to bring life to the pots or create plant-inspired artwork that will look amazing hanging in any room.

If you have a limited amount of floor space, try stacking pots in creative ways to make the most out of your area. Place an attractive saucer on a tall stool or table and stack terracotta pots from small to large. This will create an interesting display that takes up less room.

Utilize Different Potting Soils

Choosing the right potting soil for container gardening is an important step in ensuring successful growth and development of plants. 

The potting soil must contain the necessary nutrients, air, and water for healthy root growth. When selecting a potting soil for a container garden, it is important to choose a product that contains organic matter as well as other essential ingredients. 

Organic matter helps to improve the soil's water and nutrient-holding capacity, while other items like pine bark fines help aerate the soil and provide drainage. Additionally, compost can be added to help retain moisture and nutrients for plants. 

Finally, make sure that the potting soil is free of weed seeds or disease-causing organisms to keep your plants healthy. 

Rosy Soil's potting soil is the perfect choice for container gardening. It contains a blend of biochar, compost, and mycorrhizae to provide essential nutrients, air, and water for healthy root growth. 

The mix also helps to retain moisture and nutrients while providing excellent drainage. On top of that, Rosy Soil's potting soil is free of peat and synthetics, so your plants will stay healthy without harming the environment. 

With this quality product from Rosy Soil, you can be sure that your container garden will thrive!

Group Similar Types Of Houseplants Together For Maximum Effect

When adding houseplants to your home, it’s a good idea to group similar types together. This will give your space a great uniform look and make the plants easier to care for. 

For example, you could group all of your ficus trees together in one corner or put all of your succulents and cacti in a windowsill. This will make it easier to water and care for them since they all have similar needs. 

It’s also a great way to show off your collection, allowing you to really appreciate the beauty of each individual plant and how they look together as a group. In addition, grouping plants by type can help you create an aesthetically pleasing display and make your room look stylish. 

So don’t hesitate to get creative—you can mix and match different plants as long as they have similar needs in terms of sunlight and water. With a little bit of effort, you can create a space that looks like a mini indoor garden!


Bringing houseplants into your apartment can be a great way to add life and color without breaking the bank. With just a few strategies, you can turn any living space into an urban oasis that’s alive with texture, movement and natural beauty. 

Whether it’s adding plants around window sills or creating vertical gardens on walls, there are plenty of creative ways to spruce up your home with greenery. Plus, having houseplants has been known to reduce stress levels in addition to providing oxygen for better air quality.