It’s why we’ve set out to create the highest quality products with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

To pull this off, we’ve brought together a world-renowned group of plant and soil scientist led by our Lead Soil Researcher, Jules.

Justin "Jules" Giuliano is an organic farmer and educator with a background in vermicompost and natural farming. Prior to joining Rosy, Jules managed an urban farm in Atlanta, studied regenerative agriculture at the Rodale Institute and won a Cannabis Cup for his cannabis cultivation.

Our Science Advisory Board

Chris Cerveny

Ph.D. inHorticulture, Floriculture, and Plant Physiology from Cornell University

Mauricio Avila-Segura

Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Garver Akers

Certified Ecological Horticulturist and Agroecologist

Our Ingredients

Carbon-Negative Biochar

Meet our not-so-secret ingredient! Biochar is produced by converting organic waste material into a charcoal-like substance that roots love. It’s lightweight and porous, helping to conserve nutrients and water. The best part? Biochar sequesters carbon: for every ton of biochar produced, 3 tons of CO2 are removed from the carbon cycle.

Vegan Compost

Our aged compost provides abundant organic matter, creates soil structure, and supports optimal drainage. This organic matter naturally adds plant-available nutrients without the need for chemical fertilizers and supports a thriving community of beneficial microbes. More broadly, composting upcycles organic waste, preventing it from going to landfills where it would emit greenhouse gasses.

Root Boosting Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae (mahy-kuh-rahy-zee) are naturally-occurring fungi that mesh with plant roots to increase the amount of nutrients and water they can access. In this process, they release a gum-like substance called glomalin, which helps to further lock in moisture and hold on to nutrients.

Peat & Synthetic Free

Where's the peat?

While peat moss is a common growth medium that’s great for plants, it’s not-so-great for our planet. Peatlands are natural ecosystems that store more carbon than all the Earth’s forests combined. When they’re mined for products like potting mix, the extraction releases twice as much CO2 per year as the entire airline industry. At Rosy, we believe there’s a better way. So, we’ve designed our blends to replace peat with high quality, simple-but-effective ingredients that leave the planet better than we found it.

Our Mission

Earth Positive Indoor Potting Mix

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An Earth Positive, microbe rich potting soil, that is good for the earth and good for your plants. It’s peat free, carbon negative, myco-active, and comes in plant-based packaging.

Every blend contains natural-based ingredients that optimize drainage, deliver plant-boosting nutrients and support a diverse community of beneficial fungi and microbes. It’s living soil in a bag — the perfect way to give your plants the TLC they need to thrive.

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