Our Science

We’re a team of plant people united by the crazy idea that good soil can change the world.

It’s why we’ve set out to create the highest quality products with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

To pull this off, we’ve brought together a world-renowned group of plant and soil scientists led by our Lead Soil Researcher, Jules.

Justin "Jules" Giuliano is an organic farmer and educator with a background in vermicompost and natural farming. Prior to joining Rosy, Jules managed an urban farm in Atlanta, studied regenerative agriculture at the Rodale Institute and won a Cannabis Cup for his cannabis cultivation.

Our Science Advisory Board

Chris Cerveny

Ph.D. in Horticulture, Floriculture, and Plant Physiology from Cornell University

Kelpie Wilson - Rosy Soil Advisor
Kelpie Wilson

Biochar Researcher, Inventor, and Founding Board Member of the US Biochar Initiative

Mauricio Avila-Segura

Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Garver Akers

Certified Ecological Horticulturist and Agroecologist

Andrew McGowan
Andrew McGowan

Ph.D. in Agronomy from Kansas State University

Our Ingredients


is a horticultural charcoal that holds onto oxygen and nutrients while also storing microbes and carbon in the soil


are beneficial microorganisms that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, allowing the plants to absorb more nutrients

Pine Bark Fines

are a byproduct of the mulch industry which enhance soil
structure and improve aeration


helps reduce waste in landfills by turning green waste and wood waste into a useful source of nutrients for plants

Where's the peat?

Peat moss has been a common ingredient in commercial potting mixes since the 1960s. However, it's obtained by extracting peat bogs, which are vital ecosystems that store carbon. At Rosy, we believe there's a better way. So, we've developed our blends with alternatives that are effective and sustainable.

Our Mission
Indoor Potting Mix
Indoor Potting Mix

Indoor Potting Mix

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Based on 65 reviews
  • NUTRIENT DENSE: Boosts soil aeration, drainage, and nutrient uptake to help houseplants flourish
  • RESEALABLE: Plant-based packaging in convenient sizes for indoor plant parents
  • SUSTAINABLE: Made from eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients (biochar, compost, mycorrhizae, pine bark fines) and is free from peat & synthetic additives.
  • LIVING SOIL: Fortified with beneficial fungi & microbes to help promote healthy root development and lush foliage
  • MISSION-DRIVEN: Our carbon-neutral blend helps fight climate change and is perfect for all types of houseplants, including foliage plants, flowers, ferns, herbs, and tropicals
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