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The first Earth Positive soils made from captured CO2

"I love this product! My plants have been thriving and growing much more quickly. I highly recommend buying!"

"I mixed it in when I replanted my ZZ. There is already so much growth. From now on, I will always use this with my plants."

"The difference in water retention was obvious from the first watering. When I watered the pots with this, they retained every drop of water."

Indoor Potting Mix | 2 Pack

An Earth Positive Blend for Houseplants
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We craft our mixes with the specific needs of houseplants in mind. Every blend contains all-natural, sustainable ingredients that optimize drainage, deliver plant-boosting nutrients and support a diverse community of beneficial fungi and microbes. It’s living soil in a bag — the perfect way to give your plants the TLC they need to thrive. This 2 pack contains 8 quarts of soil, enough to fill 4 to 6 medium sized pots. 
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Peat & Synthetic Free

Your houseplants deserve a whole lot of love.

Especially because the natural conditions they thrive in — things like drainage, nutrients, and bioactivity — are difficult to mimic indoors. Often, this results in low-quality soils that suffocate roots and stunt growth. We craft our mixes with these specific needs in mind. It’s living soil in a bag — the perfect way to give your plants the TLC they need to thrive.

We’re a team of plant nerds 🤓 united by the crazy idea that good soil can change the world. We’ve set out to create the highest quality products with the lowest possible environmental footprint. Meet our team of plant and soil scientists.

We’re on a mission to cultivate Earth Positivity by helping gardeners nurture plants and the planet. We try to make earth-friendly gardening as easy and understandable as possible, because we believe that individual choices can add up to make a big difference.