20+ Beautiful Pothos Varieties


Pothos, often called devil’s ivy, is a gorgeous vining plant with many unique varieties. 

There’s the classic Golden pothos, the bright Neon pothos, the highly-variegated Snow queen pothos, and plenty more!

These varieties mostly fall under:

Let’s explore each pothos variety in detail. We’ll also cover essential care tips for your pothos houseplant.

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16 Popular Pothos Varieties: Epipremnum Aureum Species

Epipremnum aureum is the most popular pothos species, known for its heart shaped leaf.

Here are 16 varieties under this species:

  1. Golden Pothos
  2. Snow Queen Pothos
  3. Marble Queen Pothos
  4. Neon Pothos
  5. Variegated Neon Pothos
  6. Jessenia Pothos
  7. Manjula Pothos
  8. Jade Pothos
  9. Pearls and Jade Pothos
  10. N Joy Pothos
  11. Glacier Pothos
  12. Global Green Pothos
  13. Emerald Pothos
  14. Hawaiian Pothos
  15. Shangri La Pothos
  16. Harlequin Pothos

1. Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

Key Characteristics: Bright green leaves with patches of golden yellow variegation.

golden pothos with yellow leaf variegation

2. Snow Queen Pothos

Key Characteristics: A stark white variegated leaf with speckles of dark green coloring.

Due to low chlorophyll levels, the Snow queen pothos cultivar requires bright indirect light to keep its variegation.

3. Marble Queen Pothos

Key Characteristics: A variegated pothos with deep green leaf color and plenty of white interwoven.

This marble pothos cultivar resembles the Snow queen pothos but has more green surface area.

Marble queen pothos with white variegation

4. Neon Pothos

Key Characteristics: Solid chartreuse or lime green foliage. 

It’s often confused with the “lemon-lime” philodendron.

Neon pothos with lime green foliage

5. Variegated Neon Pothos

Key Characteristics: Similar leaf coloring as the Neon pothos, with lighter green or yellow splashes.

6. Jessenia Pothos

Key Characteristics: Bright green foliage with subtle variegation in shades of green.

7. Manjula Pothos

Key Characteristics: Green leaves with large splashes of white variegation.

Manjula pothos with white leaf variegation

8. Jade Pothos (Green Dragon Pothos)

Key Characteristics: Solid dark green leaves with a shiny surface.

9. Pearls and Jade Pothos

Key Characteristics: Smaller leaves than most pothos, with deep green centers surrounded in white variegation. The white areas tend to have some green mottling.

Pearls and jade pothos with white variegated leaves

10. N Joy Pothos

Key Characteristics: Bright green leaves with white edges.

Pothos n joy (or N joy pothos) looks nearly identical to the Pearls and jade pothos, except it doesn’t have green in the white markings.

N Joy pothos with white edge leaves

11. Glacier Pothos

Key Characteristics: The leaf color is deep green with silvery and white variegation.

The Glacier pothos is smaller than other visually similar varieties like the Pearls and jade pothos and N Joy pothos.

12. Global Green Pothos

Key Characteristics: Dark green leaves with light green splashes in the center.

Global green pothos with light variegation

13. Emerald pothos

Key Characteristics: An inverse of Global green, this pothos has light green leaves with dark green splashes in the center.

14. Hawaiian Pothos

Key Characteristics: Dark green leaves with streaks of yellow or white variegation.

Hawaiian pothos are similar to Golden pothos but with larger leaves.

15. Shangri La Pothos

Key Characteristics: Deep green leaves that curl inwards. Some plants have light green variegation.

16. Harlequin Pothos

Key Characteristics: Highly variegated stark white leaves with relatively large splashes of green coloring.

4 Unique Pothos Varieties: Epipremnum Pinnatum Species

Instead of the heart shaped leaf of the aureum species, Epipremnum pinnatum pothos leaves are long with fenestrations (splits).

Dragon's tail pothos leaf with long fenestrations

Here are four popular varieties that growers love:

  • Dragon’s tail pothos: The plant (image shown above) gets its name from its thin, deep green leaves that resemble a dragon’s tail. It’s the main variety of the Epipremnum pinnatum species, whereas the others are cultivars.
  • Cebu blue pothos: Cebu blue pothos leaves have a blue-green tint and develop slits on the edges when mature.
  • Baltic blue pothos: Dark green leaves that develop splits and resemble the leaf of the Monstera deliciosa.
  • Skeleton key pothos: Bright green leaves with a broad moon shape and a narrow, elongated middle section.

Other Pothos and Mischaracterized “Pothos” Varieties

Here are a few less common pothos plants:

  • Amplifolia pothos: Long, narrow leaves which can be solid green with yellow or white streaks. This pothos is a variety of the rare Epipremnum amplissimum pothos species.
  • Scindapsus treubii (Trebi pothos): Silver-green leaves with dark green variegation. This species of Scindapsus is commonly miscategorized as a “Trebi pothos.”
  • Scindapsus pictus (Silver pothos, Satin pothos, Silvery Ann pothos): Deep green leaves with silver spots. The Silver satin pothos, or Silvery Ann, isn’t a true pothos — it’s a Scindapsus pictus.

Silver pothos with silver leaf variegation.

Want to help your pothos plant flourish?
Read on!

5 Important Pothos Care Tips

Here are five essential tips for pothos houseplant care:

  • Indoor pothos plants love well-draining, aerated, and nutrient-rich soil like Rosy’s pothos soil. This eco-friendly soil provides the best growing medium for these low-maintenance plants. 
  • Water your pothos only when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry. Also, ensure that your pot has drainage holes to allow excess water to flow out.
  • Pothos plants dislike direct sunlight and prefer indirect light or even low-light conditions. The color of the pothos leaves indicates their lighting requirements.
  • Variegated pothos with lots of white need bright light to grow well because they contain less chlorophyll. Still, avoid direct sunlight and stick to areas of bright indirect light.
  • This vining plant grows well in a pot around 2 inches larger than the root ball.

If the plant’s roots outgrow the container, consider repotting and propagation.

3 FAQs About Pothos Varieties

Have more questions about pothos?

Let’s answer them! 

1. Which Are the Rarest Pothos Varieties?

These pothos types are hard to find in your average garden center or nursery:

Moreover, some rare cultivars are patented, like:

2. Should Pothos Hang or Climb?

It can do both! You can train your pothos houseplant to climb on a moss pole or allow them to drape from a shelf or hanging basket.

3. What Is the Fastest Growing Pothos?

Jade pothos is one of the fastest-growing pothos.


It’s one of the non variegated plants, with leaves full of dark green chlorophyll — helping it grow fast.

Conversely, variegated varieties like the Epipremnum aureum marble queen may grow slower.

Join the Pothos Party!

Want a pothos plant to beautify your home? 

A variegated pothos or Skeleton key pothos should do the trick.

Or perhaps you want something fast-growing to decorate a surface. The sprawling vines of the Golden pothos or Jade pothos would be perfect then.

Regardless of the pothos variety, you must provide proper care to help it flourish. 

So why not grab Rosy’s high-quality pothos soil to give your plant the TLC it deserves?