How To Propagate Money Tree: 4 Simple Methods + Pro Tips

How to propagate money tree

You can propagate the money tree (Pachira aquatica or Crassula ovata) houseplant in four ways:

We’ll discuss each method and also share must-know money tree care tips

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How To Propagate Money Tree: 4 Easy Ways

Money plants are low-maintenance plants popularly kept to bring good luck and good fortune. 

And according to Chinese feng shui, there are various types of money plants, including:

  • Pachira aquatica: This money tree plant (also called Malabar chestnut, braided money tree, Guiana chestnut, and provision tree) can be grown as a bonsai. It's native to South America and Central America.
    Crassula ovata: This succulent goes by many names, including jade plant, money tree, or money plant. It’s native to South Africa and gets its name (jade plant) from its green-hued leaves. 
  • Pilea peperomioides: Fondly called the Chinese money plant or UFO plant, it’s native to China. 

But how do you propagate your braided money tree?

Try these money tree propagation methods:

1. Water Propagation

The simplest method of money tree plant propagation is with water. 

First, you’ll need a leaf or stem cutting from the parent plant.

For a stem cutting:

  • Select a healthy branch, and cut below a leaf node with sterilized pruning shears.
  • Trim the bottom leaves on the stem cutting, exposing three leaf nodes.
  • Set the cutting aside for 2-3 days to let the cut end(s) callous over. It prevents root rot.

For a leaf cutting:

  • Select undamaged, medium-sized leaves.
  • Use pruning shears to cut the leaf where it connects at the stem.
  • Allow the leaf cutting(s) to callous for 2-3 days.

To propagate them:

  1. Place the cutting in a jar of water in bright indirect light. Ensure you avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Change the water every few days.
  3. You’ll see tiny root formations in about 30 days. When the roots have reached 1-2 inches in length, pot the new plant in well-draining soil like Rosy’s money tree soil.
Propagating a money tree cutting in water

2. Soil Propagation

Here’s how to propagate money tree in potting soil:

  1. Fill a small pot with pre-moistened Rosy potting mix (perlite and peat moss free). 
  2. Poke a hole and insert the cut end (of the leaf or stem) into the soil. Bury 3-4 nodes of the stem in the soil.
  3. Use a humidifier or cover the plant cutting with a biodegradable plastic bag to encourage growth.
  4. Keep it in indirect light, away from full sunlight, and ensure the soil is slightly moist.
  5. Watch for root growth in about 3-5 weeks.
  6. When new roots start growing, repot the new plant into a bigger pot. 

Hot Tip: Avoid soil mixes with peat moss or perlite, as neither is sustainable.

3. Root Propagation

You can also propagate money tree plants using their roots. 

The best time for root propagation is during the winter when carbohydrate levels are high. 

Follow these steps for root propagation:

  1. Take the money tree plant out of the current pot and clear any excess soil around the root system.
  2. Make a straight cut on the root close to the parent plant.
  3. Tie the root cuttings (2-6 inches long) into a bundle and keep them in sand or sawdust for three weeks.
  4. On the fourth week, place each root cutting vertically in Rosy money tree potting soil. Keep at least 2-3 inches of the root inside the soil.
  5. Cover the root cutting with a biodegradable plastic bag, and keep it away from bright light — so the cuttings don’t dry out. Remove the bag when you see plant sprouts.
  6. Water your money plant regularly and maintain moist soil.
  7. When new growth appears, move the baby plant to a bigger pot. 

4. Seed Propagation

This money tree propagation requires patience and money tree seed pods.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Prepare small plant containers (one for each seed) using Rosy’s money tree potting soil.
  2. Wet the soil (let the excess water drain). Plant each seed in the moist soil about half an inch below the surface.
  3. When new growth appears (after a few weeks), keep the indoor plants in indirect sunlight.
  4. After the new money tree plantlets have grown, repot them to larger containers. 

Money Tree Plant Care Tips

First time grower?  

Here are some money tree care and propagation tips to help your house plant:

  • Except for root propagation, propagate your house plant during the growing season (summer) — so the baby plant stays warm.
  • When repotting your money tree plant, use a container larger than its root system. Ensure it has a drainage hole to release excess water and prevent root rot.
  • The money tree indoor plant enjoys temperatures from 65-75℉ and high humidity (at least 50% humidity). But remember, avoid direct sun.
  • If your indoor plants develop brown leaves (or yellow leaves), reduce how often you water.
  • Sterilize pruning tools to ensure diseases don’t transfer to the mother plant or cutting. 
Money tree plant in bright indirect light

Grow A Health Money Tree Plant

Use the four propagation methods to multiply your beautiful money tree indoor plant (and channel a little good luck!)

And remember to use Rosy’s money tree soil when transplanting your money plant cuttings into the soil — it’s nutritious, well-draining, and boosts aeration.