Flourish Organic Plant Food

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Founded by our friends, Kate and Lila, Flourish Organic Plant Food is a naturally-derived, organic blend of essential nutrients and microbes. Flourish helps sustain healthy plant growth during vegetative (leafy) growth, and the early stages of flowering or fruit production. 70% quick-release, plant-ready nutrients plus 30% slow-release, microbe-dependent food make it last just long enough, and it’s 100% water soluble.

Flourish’s gentle formulation of macro- and micronutrients protects from the overeager plant parent’s tendency to over-fertilize or “burn” plants with synthetic chemical based fertilizers. Flourish feeds your plants and soil with a carefully balanced dose of naturally derived nutrients and plant-friendly microbes to enhance growth and resilience.


Sustainability is at the core of what they do, so their plant food is derived from sustainable sources (including fish and corn discards from the food system). Don’t worry, no fishy smells—just a subtle minty fresh aroma from organic essential oils.


Measure, mix, pour, repeat. Grab your houseplant and a bottle of Flourish and you’ll be surrounded by leaves, sprouts, and vines in no time.

Measure 2–6 full droppers of our plant food and combine with 8oz of water for 2–4 small plants, 1–3 medium plants, or 1 large plant. Use as often as you water, and/or when your plant is showing signs of growth (new leaves, aerial roots, or increased height).