Introducing Our New and Improved Indoor Houseplant Mix With Pine Bark Fines

Pine Bark Fines Soil Amendment
At Rosy, our mission is to provide gardeners with sustainable, high-quality potting soil that supports healthy plant growth while minimizing our environmental footprint. Our Indoor Houseplant mix has always been designed with these principles in mind, and we continuously strive to improve our products based on customer feedback and scientific research.
For some quick context, I'm Jules, Lead Soil Researcher here at Rosy Soil. I've been with Rosy Soil for over a year, and my background in agriculture spans more than six years. Prior to Rosy, I have worked in various roles such as a school gardener, vermicompost producer, medical cannabis cultivator, organic research farm apprentice, and urban farm manager. My passion lies in bridging the gap between soil science and education, which led me to join Rosy and work on refining our potting soil mixtures.
In response to customer feedback requesting enhanced drainage, I embarked on a comprehensive research project to find an alternative to perlite, a commonly used component in traditional potting soils. Perlite has a high carbon footprint and is a mined, non-renewable resource, which made it unsuitable for our mission to minimize our environmental impact.  Amid my research, Garver Akers, who sits on our Science Advisory Board, brought up the idea of using pine bark fines as a sustainable perlite alternative since we have an overabundance of pine in the southeast.

After an extensive research process, which included laboratory analyses, experimentation with various aeration inputs, growth trials, and ultimately looking for local suppliers, we discovered that pine bark fines were the ideal addition to our Indoor Houseplant mix. These fines have a high lignin content that ensures a slow decomposition rate and maintains soil structure consistency. They also improve aeration and drainage, addressing the customer feedback we received. Additionally, pine bark fines are a byproduct of the pine industry, which makes them a sustainable choice that requires no additional production.
Today, I'm excited to announce our updated Indoor Houseplant formula, and invite you to experience the benefits of the added pine bark fines for yourself. We believe that this improvement will contribute to even healthier, happier plants while staying true to our commitment to sustainability. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to refine and improve our products, so please do not hesitate to share your experiences with our new formulation. Together, we can nurture our plants and contribute to a greener, healthier world.

Happy gardening,