How to Propagate ZZ Plant: 3 Effortless Ways To Grow New Plants


You can propagate your ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) in three easy ways:

Let’s learn how to propagate ZZ plant using each method in this detailed step-by-step guide. 

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3 Easy Ways for ZZ Plant Propagation

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia houseplant, aka the ZZ plant or Zanzibar Gem, is native to eastern Africa (southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa).

Like a succulent, the ZZ is a low-maintenance plant — a slow grower that can tolerate infrequent watering even during the growing season (summer).

But how do you propagate ZZ plant?

Follow these three DIY methods:

1. Stem Cuttings

A. Water Propagation

To propagate a stem cutting in water:

  1. Use sterile pruning shears to cut off a stalk from the base of the plant. The stalk should have some leaves.
  2. Let the Zamioculcus zamiifolia stem callus (form a hard protective tissue layer) over in a warm spot for a few hours.
  3. Put the ZZ plant cutting in a jar with enough water to cover the cut end.
  4. Keep it on a windowsill away from low light.
  5. Change the water weekly.
  6. Optional: Repot your new plant when the cutting has grown a rhizome and one inch of new roots. Use Rosy’s ZZ plant soil (sphagnum moss & perlite free) for the best results!

In water propagation, you can observe the root system to check the plant’s growth. 

B. Soil Propagation

To propagate a stem cutting in soil:

  1. Cut the plant stem and let it callus.
  2. Fill a well-draining new pot with Rosy’s ZZ plant soil. Pre-moisten the soil to encourage new growth.
  3. Plant your ZZ cutting in moist soil.
  4. Keep the pot in an area with bright light but not direct sunlight.
  5. Water the ZZ plant cutting until it drains from the bottom. 

Here, you can’t view root growth unless you uproot the plant. 

2. ZZ Leaf Cutting

A. Water Propagation

Follow these steps for leaf propagation in water:

  1. Select a stem from the mother plant. 
  2. Cut each ZZ plant leaf as close to the petiole (stalk that joins a leaf to a stem). Take multiple leaf cuttings instead of a single leaf for better results.
  3. Let the leaf ends callus over.
  4. Place the healthy leaf cuttings in a narrow glass and fill enough water to cover the cut ends.
  5. Keep it under a bright light (indirect light) and change the water once a week.
  6. Repot using Rosy soil when you see new roots.

B. Soil Propagation

To propagate ZZ plant leaf cuttings in soil:

  1. Prepare your leaf cuttings.
  2. Pre-moisten Rosy’s ZZ potting mix and add it to a container.
  3. Plant the leaf’s healthy stem into the moist soil (1 cm deep).
  4. Keep the plant in bright indirect sunlight.
  5. Water the plant, letting the excess drain from the bottom. For future waterings, water only when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry.
  6. Repot your new plant during the growing season after the new rhizome and roots have developed (about three months.)

3. Root Ball Division

Propagating ZZ plant by division is the quickest method. 

However, you’ll:

  • Need a large ZZ houseplant with multiple rhizomes 
  • Have to be careful not to damage the mother plant

Follow these steps to propagate a ZZ plant by root ball division:

  1. Remove the mother plant as you would for repotting (do this when you see new stems growing next to the mother plant).
  2. Clear any soil debris from the root ball to find root growth.
  3. Gently pull the plant sections apart (each section should have plenty of roots). Use a sterilized knife if needed, but avoid damaging the plant root.
  4. Repot each division into new pots with drainage holes.
  5. Press the stalk’s base to anchor the roots and keep the ZZ plant standing upright.
  6. Water the plant well and keep it in indirect sunlight.

Ready, Set, Grow ZZ Plant! 

Use the plant propagation methods we covered here to grow a new ZZ plant in no time.  

For optimal ZZ plant care, use Rosy’s ZZ potting mix

It’s an Earth Positive potting soil (no perlite, sphagnum moss, coco coir, vermiculite) perfect for a healthier, happier ZZ plant.