Plant Food

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✓ Boosts beneficial nutrients + microbes
✓ Eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients
✓ Peat and synthetic free

❤️ Every bag is carbon and plastic neutral
  • NUTRIENT RICH: Enriched with biochar, kelp, worm castings, mycorrhizae, compost, and bokashi to enhance nutrient retention, improve soil structure, and support robust plant growth.
  • EASY TO USE: No need to mix or measure—just sprinkle a small handful around the base of your plants monthly for consistent, effective feeding.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Made from natural and upcycled ingredients, our Plant Food is carbon and plastic neutral, providing an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers.
  • LIVING SOIL: Fortified with beneficial fungi and microbes, our blend promotes healthy root development and a vibrant soil ecosystem.
  • MISSION-DRIVEN: Our commitment to sustainability means our blend not only nourishes plants but also helps fight climate change. Perfect for all types of houseplants, herbs, flowers, and more.

Biochar is a horticultural charcoal that increases nutrient retention, hosts beneficial microbes, and stores carbon in the soil.

Worm Castings are nutrient-rich organic matter produced by worms that provide plants with essential nutrients.

Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, allowing the plants to absorb more nutrients.

Kelp Meal is an ingredient made from seaweed that delivers a rich array of nutrients and offers a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers

Compost helps reduce waste in landfills by turning green waste and wood waste into a useful source of nutrients for plants.

Bokashi is a composting method that converts plant waste into a microbially active, nutrient-dense soil enhancer through active fermentation. 


Feeds ~6 plants for 3 months


On watering day, top dress your plants by sprinkling a small handful (~½ cup) of Plant Food around the base of your plant. 


Water your plant as usual, which will help the beneficial nutrients and microbes travel to the roots.


Houseplants: repeat these steps once a month 

Herbs and Flowers: repeat every two weeks


Repotting day is also a great time for an extra boost. Add a large handful (~1 cup) to the base of the roots prior to planting. 

At Rosy, our entire supply chain has a net neutral carbon footprint!


We maintain an eco-friendly system (from production to delivery) by curating the most sustainable ingredients (like carbon negative biochar), packing processes, and shipping. 

In fact, every bag of Rosy helps captures CO2 from the carbon cycle.  

So, our Plant Food blend is a positive resource for your indoor garden and the environment. 

Find out more in our Life Cycle Assessment.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)...................................1.12% 

      1.12% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P205).....................0.22% 

Soluble Potash (K2O).............................0.64%

Calcium (Ca)………………………1.4%

Magnesium (Mg)……………….0.45%

Iron (Fe)…………………………….1.6%

Derived from compost, worm castings, and kelp meal.


Soil Amending Ingredient Guaranteed Analysis

Active Ingredients

Rhizophagus irregularis.........5 propagules/g 

Funneliformis mosseae..........5 propagules/g 

40% Wood Biochar

Inert Ingredients

60% Total Other Ingredients (inert as non-plant

food ingredients)

Ingredients: compost, biochar, worm castings, kelp meal, and microbes

Biochar may reduce soil density and increase soil aeration. Mycorrhizae may promote root mass expansion and nutrient use efficiency.

Enriched With Root-Boosting Biochar

Peat And Synthetic Free

Boosts Beneficial Nutrients + Microbes

Resealable Bag Is Carbon + Plastic Netural


Footprint Carbon Neutral + 3.38 kg
Ingredients Premium, natural-based, and eco-friendly Low-quality, non-renewable, and synthetic
Packaging Resealable, recyclable, and made from plants Flimsy plastic made from fossil fuels
Formulation Designed by scientists to naturally support healthy plant growth Designed to cut costs and drive profits


Peat moss has been a common ingredient in commercial potting mixes since the 1960s. However, it's obtained by extracting peat bogs, which are vital ecosystems that store carbon. At Rosy, we believe there's a better way. So, we've developed our blends with alternatives that are effective and sustainable.

Rosy’s blends are all-natural, peat free, and made from biochar. 

We’ve consciously sourced our ingredients not only because they’re great for your plants but also because they’re good for our planet

Unlike traditional potting soil ingredients that are environmentally taxing, our biochar potting mix only contains natural and carbon-negative amendments.

Read additional information about Our Mission.

We use carbon-negative, organic ingredients to create the best indoor plant potting mix.

Typically, these organic materials are sent to a landfill, where they release methane and CO2 — two potent greenhouse gases. But by redirecting these organic materials from landfills and stabilizing their carbon structure, we prevent the release of those greenhouse gases.

Essentially, we turn our soil into a carbon sink, which means it helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Discover more about what we mean by Earth Positive on Our Mission page.

Coverage Area

Feeds ~6 plants for 3 months